our roots

Park Row Kitchen began in 2009, the year The Brunswick Inn on Park Row became, more simply, The Brunswick Inn. The previous owners were making a granola we thought was pretty darn good, but we thought we could make it even better. A little less sweet, and a little bit crunchier. A little more of this and a little less of that. 

We served it to our guests, and I think we started a granola revolution. “Can we just get a little to-go bag?” they would ask. “Would you share the recipe?” 

And so we started making more of it, bagging it, and selling it at The Inn. We couldn’t make it fast enough. Then we started getting calls and emails. “Can you send me five bags?” “Can you send me 25 bags? I’m giving them as holiday hostess gifts.” Somehow the local public found out and people started stopping in off the street to buy a bit of granola.  It became part of their grocery run. So as much as we like having them stop by, we figured we’d make it easier for them and try to get it on the grocery shelves. A few licenses and lots of phone calls and meetings later, and the current adventure began. We are bringing Park Row Kitchen to the granola-loving world.